FAQ & Housekeeping


Do you have gift vouchers?

Yes! Gift vouchers can be purchased for a monetary value or particular service/s. We issue these in the studio or you can give us a call and arrange payment over the phone. We can then post the voucher out to you or the recipient. All gift vouchers are strictly valid for 6 months from purchase date. Please make sure the recipient is aware of this when gifting them their voucher.

How do I book an appointment?

Please email, call or text us. Our contact details can be found here.

Do you accept walk-ins?

We run by appointment however should you walk in and we have the time to fit you in, we definitely will. We do recommend making an appointment and getting in the habit of rebooking so that you can come in on the date and time that you prefer.

What if I am late?

Please aim to arrive on time to your appointment. Should you be running late please let us know as soon as you can by giving us a call on 0435 715 508 and we will try our best to accommodate your late arrival.

Can I make a group booking?

Yes! We are more than happy to accommodate group bookings for weddings or special occasions. It is best to give us plenty of notice so that you can get in on the day and time preferred. For parties of 3 or more we take a $20 deposit per person for group bookings and this is then deducted from the total cost on the day. Group bookings are not confirmed until we have your deposit. Should you need to cancel and fail to give us at least 4 days notice, your deposit will be forfeited. We will refund any deposit paid if you cancel in time.

Can I bring my child with me?

We are more than happy to accommodate busy Mums with children however we do ask that the little ones are kept an eye on and don't touch any equipment or tools in the studio for health and safety reasons. 

How long do services take?

The time needed for each service is indicated on our Services page and can be found here.

What is the difference between gel polish and Shellac?

Nothing at all. Shellac is a brand of gel polish. It was one of the first on the market so it has become the universal or common name for it. We have a few Shellac colours in the studio, but most of our colours are by other brands therefore we call it gel polish.


Lateness, Cancellations and No-Shows

Cancellations, no-shows and lateness have a huge impact on the running of our studio. We are a busy salon and an appointment running over by 15 minutes or someone cancelling without notice creates a knock-on affect to our productivity, morale and especially client experience. We now have a strict policy in place to protect our business, team and customers. Communication is key so we will be adhering to the following terms:

Client Lateness

We cannot guarantee the service that has been booked to anyone who is over 10 minutes late, although we will try our best to fit you in. Please call us as soon as you know you will be late so we can do our very best to accommodate you.


  • Cancellations within 12 hours of appointment time will incur a $30 fee

  • Cancellations within 4 hours of appointment time or not showing up to your appointment at all will incur 100% cost of service price 

Repeat Offenders

If you have cancelled with late notice or not shown more than twice you’ll be required to pre pay your appointments moving forward 

Should you need to cancel your appointment, we ask that you give us as much notice as possible so that we have time to fill your spot. You can do so by calling or texting 0435 715 508 or replying "No" to the automated confirmation text our system sends you. For group booking cancellations, we need at least 4 days notice. Failure to give us sufficient notice will result in your deposit being forfeited. 

Appointments & Confirmations

We allow a certain amount of time for your appointment depending on what you have booked in for. Prior to booking, please make sure you have a read of our Services page, so that you know the difference between each of the services that we offer. Please remember to let us know if you require gel polish removal or nail art so we can allow enough time to do this for you. 

Our system sends out an automated text message to you 48 hours prior to your appointment. Please reply "Yes" to confirm or "No" to cancel. Please do not reply to this text message to reschedule your appointment. It is not our studio phone number therefore your message may be missed. To reschedule, please call or text us on 0435 715 508.